A downloadable game for Windows



In 'Rpg' you are a kid(not a hero), without a name(you'll choose one later) that's not on a quest to save the world.

Feedback: http://goo.gl/forms/dzrRTtyZXd

Questions? Email me: intracontrolstudios@gmail.com

Have fun! :D


  • Moving
  • Attacking
  • Heath, Stamina and Leveling up (damage is hidden and goes up every level)
  • Dashing (uses stamina)
  • Slime enemies
  • Enemies drop EXPR and sometimes Health Packs
  • Signs that you can read
  • First cutscene (not final)
  • Pause Menu
  • Saving and Loading (still glitchy. Dying and then loading a save file = crash)
  • Stats will copy, paste over itself for no reason(trying to fix)
  • Screen shake testing buttons


  • Better first cutscene(still not final, needs horses!!)
  • Changed how dying works so it doesn't crash(not final)
  • Fixed some weird controls
  • Fixed crashing when loading your save file
  • Fixed the stats copy, pasting over itself
  • Fixed some graphical errors
  • Removed screen shake testing buttons
  • There might be a secret room


  • Finished the first cutscene
  • Added a fullscreen mode(still glitchy)
  • GUI overhaul
  • New places to go
  • Better environments
  • Little more plot(not much)
  • Changed some weird textures
  • Fixed collisions with some objects
  • Fixed more graphical errors
  • Working on fixing reading text(not much fixed yet)

Install instructions

-Download the .zip file

-Unzip the file by right clicking and choosing 'extract'

-Double click on Rpg_Public_Demo.exe

-If you followed all those steps without dying then enjoy!


Rpg Public April.19.2016.zip 10 MB